DTL, privacy and transparency for the user

Data Transparency Lab, a community of technologists, researchers, policymakers and industry representatives working to advance online personal data privacy through scientific research and design. And how can you do this? Investing and betting on good ideas. Until May 15 the first DTL call for proposals is

Torifying all the computer

It is often necessary to connect to the Tor network for multiple reasons. Mainly for anonymity, but some others are due to the possibility of using different IP addresses easily. In recent experiments I have needed a huge amount of data from certain

Xprivacy, a proper firewall for Android

Allows to block the apps installed and permits the use of default templates for each new installed app, using fictitious values, locking requests from apps “on the fly” and storing and share settings. The app is free, but also has a

Privacy and network operators (Vodafone)

Changes in the privacy of social networks or movements of the great “players” of the Internet in this area usually watched very closely. However, there are other vital partners in the development of the information society: the network operators. The owners

A smartphone behind the peephole

Our phones know where we walk, which are our friends, when do we go shopping, etc. The worst part, is that they don’t do it just for knowledge, they do it with one goal in mind, money. And who do you think that gives

How much does your data cost?

Data here, data there. That new applicationwants to access my contacts, another new social network needs to know my location. Anyway, the service is trusted, I guess that if they asked for the information is because they really need it, right? We