Explaining the basics of fuzzing

In the field of program analysis, different techniques are used, usually divided into two groups: static and dynamic. Fuzzing is a dynamic technique used extensively (especially in recent years) to discover bugs in software that, with a little (bad) luck,

Honeypots, attracting hackers with vulnerabilities

There is very useful technique to know who wants to enter your network and which are his intentions. Simply leave a pot of vulnerabilities in the middle of the woods and wait for the bees to approach. Most times they

Looking for security holes in my webs

Today we will play with a web vulnerabilities  search tool with which we can check  very easily the safety of our web applications. The tool in question is Vega, an Open Source platform web auditing can help us identify and

The marketing behind zero-day vulnerabilities

In recent times, the landscape of zero-day vulnerabilities has been modified by a curious phenomenon, the marketing. And I am not referring to the technique used by hackers and security researchers to sell them, but to the system used for