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Although it seems like we started yesterday , it’s been 3 years. We have learned a lot during this time, and we hope you too. Many thanks to all of you who have collaborated, and of course, to all the

It’s time to vote

Once again the prestigious annual Bitacoras Awards voting start. Last year we had the honor of being ranked 23rd in the category of best computer security blog, above many reference blogs. The truth is that this encouraged us to continue even with

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On this day the Soviet Union launches its Luna 10 to the moon and the American satellite Explorer 1 reentered the Earth’s atmosphere. On this day Johann Sebastian Bach was born and Sir Isaac Newton died. Within our small and particular

Nomination in process

Reviewing the folders that have on the server, we have noticed that the awards  folder of the blog is empty (keep a folder for these purposes when you start a blog is always recommended), so we decided to seek for

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During these time, we talked about privacy operators; we interviewed fantastic professionals as David Barroso; Joxean Koret or Txipi. We surfed the Deep Web, tried to guess if a person could survive the Titanic, hunted trolls, analyzed applications to protect


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