Patxi Galan García

Information is power

Information. Does anyone doubt that having sufficient information is not half victory? The phrase “information is power”, was said for a reason. In Security, having the necessary information is vital to know where to move, which elements exist and which

Open wifi networks, don’t be the one without security

Security in our communications is something that lately is been taken more into account. There are still many people who do not care connecting anywhere, in any manner and to any open wifi network to view his Facebook, email address or entering pages that have to insert username

Raspberry Pi watchman

This post starts with a simple question, do you know what happens in your house when you are not in? This tricky question came to me long ago whnevarious a thefts occurred near where I lived. The solution was to

The system console in Windows

The console is, for some who know what it is, a black screen that only understand a few “geeks” . Others, however, know not exist without it. It is your tool for all your Swiss Army knife, entering anything. In Windows,

Optimizing the installation of a router

Making the installation of a new wireless router at home, although at first glance seems simple, something always aindicated by operators, it is not at all. If it is true that to start using it is just connect, look for the wireless

What is annoying advertising for?

Internet advertising is a business worth millions every day. This is not new and we can see every day when we go into many websites. In addition, depending on the web where you come in, you have more advertising than