Phrase analysis service with FreeLing

Some time ago we showed you how to install the system analyzes sentences FreeLing on a Unix system and how to use the API for Java. Today we bring you a new REST service on our website to perform this

Reverse engineering on protected malware

Over time, we analyze many malware samples using reverse engineering to obtain and understand their real functionality. This process is an arduous task that may take some time depending on the complexity of the malware itself and the packer or packers used

Analyzing IIS logs with Pandas

Data analysis is a key point in the field of servers . There are many tools to perform this analysis, but we will use the tools that allowed us to guess whether a traveler of the Titanic would survive or

Xprivacy, a proper firewall for Android

Allows to block the apps installed and permits the use of default templates for each new installed app, using fictitious values, locking requests from apps “on the fly” and storing and share settings. The app is free, but also has a

Privacy and network operators (Vodafone)

Changes in the privacy of social networks or movements of the great “players” of the Internet in this area usually watched very closely. However, there are other vital partners in the development of the information society: the network operators. The owners


Our sandbox for packers