Borja Sanz

And the machine won again

One of the most ancient games is Go. Originated in ancient China, has been facing strategists for more than 2,500 years and was considered one of the four essential arts of ancient Chinese culture. Today, it is still a game with

Free Willy, data for everybody

In science, one of the most critical points is always the dataset. Getting one prepared and ready to interact with it is in itself a challenge, especially in the area of machine learning. And last week there was a big

Deep in the machine learning

Artificial intelligence is fashionable. From more apocalyptic visions to the emergence of new frameworks that make it easier for developers to make various applications in the field. Today he are goging to talk about one of these frameworks: TensorFlow. In

The backstage of “How Old Are You”

Some time ago we talked about a tool presented by Microsoft which became viral (figures on the success of the tool are quite impressive: 80 million people uploaded 500 million images in less than 7 days.),since it guessed your age (or at least tried it).

The power of television

Anyone slightly up on the field of security and the television series know that right now we have a series that reflects a lot of aspects of contemporary cyberpunkculture and is calling wide attention: Mr. Robot. It tells the story of Elliot

A fistful of tweets

In recent days we have seen the enormous hype because of tweets published four years ago. The worst of all, it seems to have sparked a fad of “social archeology”, looking for that tweet or expression that might cause embarrassment.