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We recognize it, we have sinned. We are playing Pokemon GO. We have decided to ignore the privacy issues, battery drain, DoS attacks to servers and we have taken the streets. It has also helped us to discover the sunlight, which

Security Research (V) – 4 errors, 1 failure


In this series of posts on how to start researching in system security, we have seen the first steps on how to choose topic, director, as well ad doing the first workplan and how  a scientific contribution is done in

Applications of cybercrime legal framework


Given the wide case mix that make up the jurisprudential doctrine of this type of crimes, we thought it is appropriate to bring up curious and instructive cases. STC (2nd Penal Chamber) 7 November 2011, facts: The defendant gives brought his computer

Exploit kits, loved and hated in equal measure


Exploit kits are the cause of a large percentage of malware infections that occur nowadays. Depending on the side where you are, you will consider exploit kits a godsend or a hellish curse. They are toolsets to automatically exploit vulnerabilities on the client

Hardening binaries (II): PIE


Following the classic compilation options of GCC to try to have more robust binary, in this post we will discuss the options and -fPIE -fpie that allows to compile executable as “Position Independent Executables” and makes their sections to be loaded in random

Autoscaling with Scryer from Netflix


More and more companies decide to host their services in the cloud. The advantage of a cloud providers is the hability to use only the resources we need at all times, rather than paying the cost of a fixed number of

Security Research (IV) – Contributions


In our previous posts of our series “Security Research” we saw how to make one of the first and most important step that both doctoral student and thesis director must carry out: the definition of the first general workplan. At this

Cybercrime and legal framework (IV)


Finally we address the 4th Section of Title XVIII, which is similarity to traditional crimes of documentary falsehoods in public/private documents (in its different variants). Equally we address those crimes that are committed in the exercise of the functions and duties of custody because

Cybercrime and legal framework (III)


We continue analyzing technological crimes from a legal point of view. This time based on economic and intellectual/industrial property actions. In this section (TÍTULO XIII, Delitos contra el patrimonio y contra el orden socioeconómico) fit habitual behaviors such as phishing,

Underground memories


Those, like me, who are old school people and lived the golden age of Spanish underground, we tend to miss those days when everything was much more fun than now. We used Windows 3.1  for groups work, we uprooted from