Blockchain. ¿revolutionary technology or hype?

I am convinced that if  you follow the technological world, you will have heard during the last year or maybe before, about that wonderful technology known as blockchain destined according to many to revolutionize the world of cybersecurity and not

Loading binaries in Linux

Executables are a static representation of a program and that at the time they are executed, the kernel uses the information included in those files to create a dynamic representation, better known as the process images. Before being able to execute

Automatic Heap Layout Manipulation via #UseSec18

Automatic exploit generation is a concept that has been studied during the last years, focusing mainly on buffer overflows located in the stack. The main objective of these works is generally to develop algorithms that produce control-flow hijacking exploits based

How hacking could change history

Although hacking began as simple entertainment for a group of enthusiastic young people, much has changed since then. Today, all countries have, to a greater or lesser extent, a response or attack group of this type. The clearest examples would

apt-get install summer

We just found a new package in the repository that seems quite interesting. It has no dependencies and the benefits of installing it seem quite interesting. Reviewing the code, we have detected that it has a timeout that will be

Dynamic binary instrumentation

In the previous post we talked about the possibilities to implement programs and carry out all kinds of tasks such as profiling or vulnerability detection. We also introduced Intel Pin, a dynamic binary instrumentation tool (mainly for IA32 and x86_64),


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