Security Research (VIII) – Papers, Language

We return to one of the foundations of scientific life: writing contributions or papers. Previously, we had talked about the structure that interested us in Computer and Security of the particular system: (i) summary, (ii) introduction, (iii) [background], (iv) method,

Security Research (VII) – The reject

Well yes, we have already done a job that we believe has the level (and probably it has) and we receive an email with the fateful phrase “We regret to inform you” … Accompanied by the comments of the reviewers. In some

Security Research (VI) – Papers, Structure

After talking about how to choose a topic and  director, how to do the first work plan and how a scientific contribution it is done, in addition to listing four typical mistakes in this post we will discuss one of the most important aspects:

Security Research (V) – 4 errors, 1 failure

In this series of posts on how to start researching in system security, we have seen the first steps on how to choose topic, director, as well ad doing the first workplan and how  a scientific contribution is done in

Security Research (IV) – Contributions

In our previous posts of our series “Security Research” we saw how to make one of the first and most important step that both doctoral student and thesis director must carry out: the definition of the first general workplan. At this

Security Research (III) – General workplan

In previous posts of this series “Security research” have covered the selection of a theme and a director to be able to carry the doctoral thesis. This time we approach one of the most crucial aspects of the dissertation: the definition of the first workplan.