sudo systemctl hibernate

After 5 magnificent years filled with posts, comes that moment that animals living in extremely cold conditions know, hibernation. Many heartfelt thanks to the contributors of the blog, this adventure would have been very different without the help of each

apt-get install summer

We just found a new package in the repository that seems quite interesting. It has no dependencies and the benefits of installing it seem quite interesting. Reviewing the code, we have detected that it has a timeout that will be

document.write(‘blog 1461 days’)

This blog began its journey on March 31, 2014. Four magnificent years that have passed faster than Sonic takes to finish a marathon. Some time ago they published an article in Science that tried to explain why time flies when we

Turning off server room coolers

There it comes that precious moment of the year where the temperature usually has a single number (in Celsius obviously). People tend to think that this is a negative thing, but here we have always been very positive people.

Under “Summer” Construction

Summer arrives and with it the typical works in the university. As these magnificent moments usually come from power cuts and water, we have decided that taking advantage of these dates, we could not hurt a little vacation (until September).

PackerInspector: Our sandbox for packers

We are pleased to present you PackerInspector, a new on-line service for packer analysis, created as the result of the research presented at IEEE Security & Privacy en 2015: SoK: Deep Packer Inspection: A Longitudinal Study of the Complexity of