Iskander Sanchez-Rola
Content Director/Researcher at DT
Expertise: Web Security, Privacy, Reverse Engineering, Malware

When money was not everything in malware

Although for many it’s hard to believe, there was a time when malware was not a tool created to generate as much money as possible. The main motivations of those old-school hackers were such earthly things as fun or some

Steganography, cannot see the trees for the forest

The hiding of information in places that initially seem innocuous has been and is a widely used method. The biggest advantage of steganography is that sent messages can go completely unnoticed, since no one can think that they hide something

An interview with Miguel A. Arroyo (@miguel_arroyo76)

Miguel is a very committed person with security, who tries to spread his passion to the greatest number of people (ratifiable by anyone who has attended one of his talks). He is the propeller of the Hack & Beers community

Backdoors, I don’t remember opening that door

Although many people have never heard of them, backdoors are one of the most frequently methods used nowadays to perform malicious attacks. Leaving aside the specific case of the backdoors in cryptographic algorithms, backdoors allows access to a particular computer

Exploit kits, loved and hated in equal measure

Exploit kits are the cause of a large percentage of malware infections that occur nowadays. Depending on the side where you are, you will consider exploit kits a godsend or a hellish curse. They are toolsets to automatically exploit vulnerabilities on the client

Bitcoin, the digital currency that changes the rules

Cryptocurrencies are increasingly taking force. 5 years ago it was difficult to make any payment with them, but today it is quite a common practice. Although there are still people who directly associate them with ransomware payments (to decrypt infected computers)

Malicious apps exist and live among us

Malware on mobile devices is very common. Although this is something quite obvious to anyone in the world of security, many people still think that their smartphone or tablet this out of any danger. Lately the Android world has gone through difficult times,

An interview with Lorenzo Martínez (@lawwait)

Lorenzo is within that group of people who love to share all their knowledge with the community and a clear example is Security By Default (blog which he co-founded). Usually he explains many things that have happened to him in his lectures, of which

Dynamically detecting and classifying malware

Performing a dynamic analysis of a malware sample is quick and can bring large amounts of data to perform a more complete and complex manual analysis. There are many sandboxes (controlled environments) that analyze a binary to know what exactly

Honeypots, attracting hackers with vulnerabilities

There is very useful technique to know who wants to enter your network and which are his intentions. Simply leave a pot of vulnerabilities in the middle of the woods and wait for the bees to approach. Most times they