Interview with Vicente Motos (@hackplayers)

Vicente started working in security within Thales, and is currently team leader in SIA group. I’m sure many of you have read his blog more than once, Hackplayers. It has been recognized as one of the community’s reference blogs and

Interview with Jaime Andrés Restrepo (@DragonJAR)

Jaime is one of the great references in security of the information of Latin America, and of the Spanish-speaking world in general. He has been working in the area for more than 10 years, specifically in ethical hacking, pentesting and

Interview with Miguel A. Arroyo (@miguel_arroyo76)

Miguel is a very committed person with security, who tries to spread his passion to the greatest number of people (ratifiable by anyone who has attended one of his talks). He is the propeller of the Hack & Beers community

Interview with Lorenzo Martínez (@lawwait)

Lorenzo is within that group of people who love to share all their knowledge with the community and a clear example is Security By Default (blog which he co-founded). Usually he explains many things that have happened to him in his lectures, of which

Interview with David Hernández (@daboblog)

David Hernández (@daboblog) is one of those great professionals that anyone in the world of server security should know,everytime you talk with him, you learn something new. Co-founder and Head of Hacking division on Apachectl and promoter of several highly successful portals

Interview with David Barroso (@lostinsecurity)

With over 15 years dedicated to information security, David Barroso (@lostinsecurity) has become one of the most important references in the sector. As he likes to say, “Not one day goes by that I don’t ride, ’til the infinite, the horse of