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Nomination in process

Reviewing the folders that have on the server, we have noticed that the awards  folder of the blog is empty (keep a folder for these purposes when you start a blog is always recommended), so we decided to seek for

System Temperature (90D)

After struggling with the heat, we must confess that we have overheated the processor ,damaged  the RAM and the data bus does not know whether he’s coming or going. We’re not used to so hot around here. Therefore, we have decided

DTL, privacy and transparency for the user

Data Transparency Lab, a community of technologists, researchers, policymakers and industry representatives working to advance online personal data privacy through scientific research and design. And how can you do this? Investing and betting on good ideas. Until May 15 the first DTL call for proposals is

Print blog.uptime 365 days

During these time, we talked about privacy operators; we interviewed fantastic professionals as David Barroso; Joxean Koret or Txipi. We surfed the Deep Web, tried to guess if a person could survive the Titanic, hunted trolls, analyzed applications to protect

Merry Christmas and a happy date +“%Y”

We need more time than usual to spend with family and friends, deleting viruses of their computers and hacking the cleaning robot to obey our orders. Remember that this year is binary palindrome and this doesn’t happends every day, so start

Aitor Santamaría Ibirika, DeustoTech Computing researcher, new Ph. D.

“The researcher of DeustoTech Computing Aitor Santamaría Ibirika has defended his doctoral thesis on 24th October in the Salon de Grados at the University of Deusto. He obtained the International Mention and Excelent cum laude qualification.” Aitor Santamaría Ibirika, researcher


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