Aitor Santamaría Ibirika, DeustoTech Computing researcher, new Ph. D.

The researcher of DeustoTech Computing Aitor Santamaría Ibirika has defended his doctoral thesis on 24th October in the Salon de Grados at the University of Deusto. He obtained the International Mention and Excelent cum laude qualification.”

Aitor-Santamaria-DefensaAitor Santamaría Ibirika, researcher of DeustoTech Computing has defended his doctoral thesis on Friday 24th October in the Salón de grados of the University of Deusto. His thesis is titled “Nuevo enfoque para la generación procedural de mundos virtuales volumétricos” and it has been directed by the doctors Pablo García Bringas and Igor Santos Grueiro. His work is focused on the automatic generation of volumetric virtual worlds for interactive graphic applications. To this purpose, it uses spatial techniques and artificial intelligence algorithms, which generate the physical aspect of the virtual world and its playable structures. Additionally, this is the first work which proposes the metrics and the evaluation criteria for this type of generators.

The court, chaired by the doctor Mario Piattini Velthuis and formed by the doctors Giuseppe Psaila and Diego López de Ipiña, appreciated the scientific contributions —backed by the scientific community through several international conferences and high impact JCR publications — and the creation of a prototype. They unanimously awarded to the dissertation with the highest qualification and a cum laude distinction. On another front, the directors emphasised the required effort, the scientific quality of the work and the autonomy of the new PhD. Moreover, after conducting an international pre-doctoral stay at the Universitá Degli Studi Di Bergamo, his thesis has obtained the International Mention.

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