Patxi Galan García

Phrase analysis service with FreeLing

Some time ago we showed you how to install the system analyzes sentences FreeLing on a Unix system and how to use the API for Java. Today we bring you a new REST service on our website to perform this

The past always comes back, Logjam

As time passes, we are realizing that everything we have done in the past marks one way or another the future. The same is what is happening today with secure Internet connections, called HTTPS. In the last week a new

Torifying all the computer

It is often necessary to connect to the Tor network for multiple reasons. Mainly for anonymity, but some others are due to the possibility of using different IP addresses easily. In recent experiments I have needed a huge amount of data from certain

Xprivacy, a proper firewall for Android

Allows to block the apps installed and permits the use of default templates for each new installed app, using fictitious values, locking requests from apps “on the fly” and storing and share settings. The app is free, but also has a

A smartphone behind the peephole

Our phones know where we walk, which are our friends, when do we go shopping, etc. The worst part, is that they don’t do it just for knowledge, they do it with one goal in mind, money. And who do you think that gives

Virtual private networks for humans

We assume that no one else is within our network (better check it) and can steal passwords, cookies or credentials of our email accounts, social networks or bank to usurp our identity and make any wrongdoing, deriving all responsibility for


Our sandbox for packers