Borja Sanz

Microsoft, how old am I?

A few days ago the most important conference of Microsoft developers ended, // Build. They explained the latest advances in technologies  and  the company’s vision. It was also showed apublic a tool for a demo in which they could detect faces

Analyzing IIS logs with Pandas

Data analysis is a key point in the field of servers . There are many tools to perform this analysis, but we will use the tools that allowed us to guess whether a traveler of the Titanic would survive or

Privacy and network operators (Vodafone)

Changes in the privacy of social networks or movements of the great “players” of the Internet in this area usually watched very closely. However, there are other vital partners in the development of the information society: the network operators. The owners

Starting as data scientist

Terabytes of data stored everywhere, in various places, to everyone. Which is the reason of it, if we don’t use them for anything? Let’s start analysing.  You can predict the future with them and  understand  situations that happened long ago, it’s

One password away

Everyday, in our digital live, we have to introduce our credentials several times. And all we only need a magic word to access: your password. Unfortunately, if we want to make this magic word secure and hard to guess, it


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