Iván Garcia

Underground memories

Those, like me, who are old school people and lived the golden age of Spanish underground, we tend to miss those days when everything was much more fun than now. We used Windows 3.1  for groups work, we uprooted from

Chronicles of Rooted

As every year the RootedCON has been held in Madrid. This conference is one of the most important in Spain (no offense to NCN or Navaja Negra) and is one of the references in spanish. As analyzing all the talks

Is it easy to hack someone?

This is a question that someone made me not long ago. My first answer was yes, but then the second part he asked, “And how is it done?”. This question is a little more complex and it is cleared in

Surviving in the console (Part III)

All we have often asked us if our computer has been hacked at some point (or I am the only one who thinks that?). As always, our beloved Linux console brings some tools to help us see if this have happened. The

Surviving in the console (Part II)

When installing Linux for the first time we do not think that there may be more of a command interpreter for the Linux console, and we leave Bash changing colors and little more. This time we will talk about zsh, one

Surviving in the console (Part I)

Normally computer users cannot live without using a mouse because graphical interfaces that exist today force us to use it in 90% of the cases. For those who are like me that even programm in vim (which we tuned to look like a