Jorge de la Peña Sordo, DeustoTech Computing research assistant, new Ph. D.

Jorge de la Peña Sordo, DeustoTech Computing research assistant, has defended his doctoral thesis on 24th October in the Salon de Grados at the University of Deusto, obtaining the highest qualification with Cum Laude Mention and an International Mention.”

Defensa-Jorge de la PeñaJorge de la Peña Sordo, 29 years old research assistant of DeustoTech Computing, has defended on Friday 24th October, his doctoral thesis “MACRUSS: moderación automática de comentarios y reputación de usuarios en sitios web sociales”. The dissertation, which was directed by Igor Santos Grueiro, Ph. D. and Pablo García Bringas, Ph. D., addresses the problem of detecting troll users in the social news website Menéame and the prediction of their future behavior. In this way, he employed opinion mining, machine learning techniques, information retrieval methods and time series.

The court presided over by Emilio Corchado Rodriguez, Ph. D. and trained by Giuseppe Psaila, Ph. D. and Asier Perallos Ruiz, Ph. D., awarded to the dissertation the highest qualification of Outstanding “Cum Laude” unanimously. Furthermore, after conducting an international pre-doctoral stay at the Universitá Degli Studi Di Bergamo, his thesis has obtained the International Mention.

The directors of the doctoral investigation recognized the enormous effort and significant scientific contribution that the investigation of the new Ph. D., backed by the scientific community through national and international conferences as well as JCR publications directly related to his work.

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