Tania Lorido

Portable experiments (II) – “Recipes” for VMs

In the previous post we talked about Vagrant, a tool that can help us manage the creation of virtual machines. In this post we will focus on another tool called Ansible. It is based on the concept of roles: on

Portable experiments (I) – VMs with Vagrant

All programmer or researcher need to create development environments or experiments. It is highly desirable that this environments are portable and easily reproducible. The use of virtual machines and / or containers can offer this. There are several tools that

Autoscaling trend: Microservices and Docker

In the previous post we mentioned the potential of cloud computing thanks to the virtualization layer. For years we have been using Virtual Machines (VMs) to house multiple “copies” of the same service. This allows you to add or remove instances,

Autoscaling with Scryer from Netflix

More and more companies decide to host their services in the cloud. The advantage of a cloud providers is the hability to use only the resources we need at all times, rather than paying the cost of a fixed number of