Irene Díez
Researcher de DT
Expertise: Operating systems, program analysis

Hardening binaries (I) – The stack

Among the many options of GCC, some of them are specifically made to make our binaries much more robust against memory corruption techniques. Stack protection techniques try to prevent contiguous blocks of memory, caused by a buffer overflow, which may

Hackobot, hunting suspects

The cyber-terrorist threats take more importance every day .Therefore, many countries are developing their defense on two fronts: the classic front border, planes and soldiers; and cyberspace. Based on this premise, we develop Hackobota year ago, a project in collaboration with

Hack all the things

The movement of Internet of Things ,IOT in the acronym, is becoming increasingly booming. This movement, walking hand in hand with the philosophy Do-It-Yourself (DIY) has led to a proliferation of projects based on open-hardware, using Arduino, BeagleBoard, Raspberry Pi


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