Igor Santos
Cybersecurity Researcher
Expertise: Systems Security; Project Management

Security Research (IV) – Contributions

In our previous posts of our series “Security Research” we saw how to make one of the first and most important step that both doctoral student and thesis director must carry out: the definition of the first general workplan. At this

Security Research (III) – General workplan

In previous posts of this series “Security research” have covered the selection of a theme and a director to be able to carry the doctoral thesis. This time we approach one of the most crucial aspects of the dissertation: the definition of the first workplan.

Security Research (II) – The advisor

We continue with the series of how to start making research in secruity. Once the doctoral student has chosen several possible topics, you must select a advisor. This aspect can be critical to the ultimate success. It is therefore imperative

Security Research (I) – Topic selection

In this series of posts we will introduce the reader into the world of academic research on systems security. The series will consist of several deliveries in which steps and tips to get started in academic research of impact are

Future directions of research on systems security

The computing scenario has changed a lot over the years, provoking an explosion of new technologies, interaction scenarios and. most importantly, a democratization of technology usage. In the fascinating research area of Systems Security the goal has been always to

In IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy 2015

From May 18 to 20 we could enjoy at the Fairmont hotel in San Jose, California, with one of the 3 most important scientific events in computer security: the IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy 2015 (Oakland 2015). In its 36th