Chronicles of Rooted

As every year the RootedCON has been held in Madrid. This conference is one of the most important in Spain (no offense to NCN or Navaja Negra) and is one of the references in spanish. As analyzing all the talks

Hackobot, hunting suspects

The cyber-terrorist threats take more importance every day .Therefore, many countries are developing their defense on two fronts: the classic front border, planes and soldiers; and cyberspace. Based on this premise, we develop Hackobota year ago, a project in collaboration with

Print Xmas.getTree()

We tried to hit the lottery jackpot with Machine Learning, and we have also tried to hack the drums. But the number of variables is too big and we are more from digital world. So we retreated to reflect, we

Future directions of research on systems security

The computing scenario has changed a lot over the years, provoking an explosion of new technologies, interaction scenarios and. most importantly, a democratization of technology usage. In the fascinating research area of Systems Security the goal has been always to

System Temperature (90D)

After struggling with the heat, we must confess that we have overheated the processor ,damaged  the RAM and the data bus does not know whether he’s coming or going. We’re not used to so hot around here. Therefore, we have decided

Surviving in the console (Part III)

All we have often asked us if our computer has been hacked at some point (or I am the only one who thinks that?). As always, our beloved Linux console brings some tools to help us see if this have happened. The