The new S3lab website is already online

The official website of S3Lab cleans his face and begins his adventures with a blog ready to carve a niche in this vast network.


After several years dedicated to scientific projects, we realized that we had a lot of knowledge in the laboratory and that it was only public through publications in scientific journals and conferences. Therefore, we decided that the best way to extend that knowledge was a blog, allowing anyone interested in the subject to access this information in a quick and entertaining manner.

The members of the lab, and some external partners, will help you to step into the world of technology (unknown for many), based primarily on 3 large pillars we master (security, natural language processing and production process optimization). We will leave aside the strictly academic point of view and we will have a more fresh and dynamic nature.

We intend to uncheck ourselves from the typical news blog and thereupon we will try to generate useful content for both advanced users and basic users. Our objective is to post tools created or modified by us, plugins, tutorials, discussion about technologies or applications, opinion articles and experiences, in short, transfer our knowledge to all of you.

On behalf of the entire team of S3Lab, you are welcome to our blog. We hope you find it interesting and that you enjoy reading our articles.

And of course, if anyone is interested in collaborating in some way with the blog, do not hesitate to contact us.