Ricardo Martin

Applications of cybercrime legal framework (II)

In this post we will summarize the resolution 161/2010 of the Criminal court number two of Salamanca where the absence of criminal liability is settled on a denial-of-service attack to a web server of the Cancer Research Center, that at

Applications of cybercrime legal framework (I)

Given the wide case mix that make up the jurisprudential doctrine of this type of crimes, we thought it is appropriate to bring up curious and instructive cases. STC (2nd Penal Chamber) 7 November 2011, facts: The defendant gives brought his computer

Cybercrime and legal framework (IV)

Finally we address the 4th Section of Title XVIII, which is similarity to traditional crimes of documentary falsehoods in public/private documents (in its different variants). Equally we address those crimes that are committed in the exercise of the functions and duties of custody because

Cybercrime and legal framework (III)

We continue analyzing technological crimes from a legal point of view. This time based on economic and intellectual/industrial property actions. In this section (TÍTULO XIII, Delitos contra el patrimonio y contra el orden socioeconómico) fit habitual behaviors such as phishing,

Cybercrime and legal framework (II)

In relation to Titulo X, we will focus on the new aspects of the recent reform of Lo 10/95 23 de noviembre (a number of criminal types arise).This article, keeps a wide connection with the spirit and purpose of the

Cybercrime and legal framework (I)

Given the extensive regulations governing cyber crime we try to summarize the most, without distorting the meaning and purpose for which it was approved. The highest: La Constitución española de 1978 en su Título I. ”De los derechos y deberes fundamentales