HTTPS and Let’s Encrypt, protect your communications!

We must protect the system somehow. We have spoken before of how to protect web applications, configure a router or directly IoT systems. Today what we see is how to protect as much as possible communications with all these devices, using

WEKA, from data to information (Part III)

We return with a new article on WEKA. Following the introduction on how to prepare the environment and how use some basic functions, and the second part in which we tried to dig a little deeper into this tool, now it

WEKA, from data to information (Part II)

To start, let’s download a new dataset with features wine production: wine.arff. To view the content, we can open it directly and select Weka as the default tool or within the Explorer section. If we look at the attributes of the

Bloom Filter, an algorithm like an Hasbro game

00If you ever used Cassandra, you know that is well known at being extremely fast in writes and reads, and that is due in part to a data structure called Bloom Filter. Bloom Filter is an extremely efficient way of

WEKA, from data to information (Part I)

We start with the basics, installation and familiarization with the tool, and a simple example to see its possibilities. First, we download WEKA from the website of the University of Waikato in New Zealand. Within its download section, find the version

Starting as data scientist

Terabytes of data stored everywhere, in various places, to everyone. Which is the reason of it, if we don’t use them for anything? Let’s start analysing.  You can predict the future with them and  understand  situations that happened long ago, it’s